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Which social networks to choose

There are many social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube ...), but each of them has a target audience and it is important to know which ones to find our potential customers. See more

In addition, our way of speaking in each of them must be different, we can not communicate the same or with the same words in all.

From our team we develop all your strategy in networks and set it in motion to achieve the objectives set.

How to reach our audience

One of the great challenges that every new project faces when starting its journey in social networks is to reach the target audience interested in their products or services. For this it will be essential to design a strategy that pursues the attainment of quality followers; make no mistake: the goal is not to have one hundred thousand followers who are not interested, but ten thousand to those who do. See more

It will be important here to make an intelligent use of the segmentation of publications to show each person only what is potentially of interest to them.

How it affects the SEO

Google wants to offer people who use your browser quality content. To measure the quality of the contents (of the web pages), it takes into account many criteria; and one of them (perhaps in the top ten of the most important) is the relevance of your brand in social networks. See more

That is why it is so important that your company has a policy of constant communication in social networks, to keep alive the flame of love with your followers and get it to positively influence your online reputation and therefore the positioning of your website. .

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