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Ok, I already have a very cool website or online store with wonderful services and the lowest internet price, but I have few visits and I sell very little. See more

There are times that for different factors we do not have a good organic positioning (SEO), for example if we sell women's clothing, shoes or DIY products it is difficult to even be on the front page. Or simply our website is new and it will take a while until it takes prestige on the internet.

For these cases, a great option is the definition of SEM strategy in Google Ads.

How much do I have to invest per month

This is a difficult question to answer, since it depends on the type of business and the areas that we want to cover. However, you can consult us and we will make a detailed study of your business and an investment proposal in Google Ads.

What is Google Ads

We all believe that Google Ads are the featured ads that appear at the top of the search results. However, advertising in Google Ads goes much further and today offers different advertising services that suit all businesses. See more

  • Call announcements
  • SMS announcements
  • Display Network: YouTube, Gmail, etc.
  • Remarketing (we can impact users who have visited our website)
  • Segmentation by theme (sports, fashion, travel), age, sex and websites visited (we can impact users who visit certain websites)
Why Gavisa as an Ads Agency

Our status as a Google Partner means we can give you an expert service in AdWords, being backed by Google's own agents who will monitor and advise our campaigns to be successful. See more

Our methodology is the following:

  1. 1. Definition of objectives of marketing
  2. 2. Study of keywords (for the search)
  3. 3. Campaign arming
    1. a. Segmentation of the audience
    2. b. Definition of negative words
    3. c. Bid establishment
    4. d. Elaboration of different types of advertisement
    5. e. Configuring ad extensions
  1. 4. Definition of conversions
  2. 5. Billing settings
  3. 6. Weekly monitoring of the campaign, analysis of the data obtained and optimization of the performance of the same

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