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Well, I already have my web project raised with some wonderful products and with the cheapest internet price, but will I sell? The answer is simple: if you do not have a good positioning in search engines (Google) you will have few visits and the probability of success will be lower.

What factors influence SEO web positioning

Neither Google itself has published a list of these factors or their weighting. However, in its documentation it leaves clues and clues with the criteria that it contemplates as recommendations. See more

Google scores each website and gives it a reputation which will be used when displaying search results for a specific term. A quality content, a website without errors and a fast page load speed and several backlinks of prestigious pages will surely offer good results in the search and therefore in the number of visits.

Will I be in first position on the first page of search results?

Struggling to appear on the first page of Google is an adventure in which we want to accompany you. It is not easy, but with our team there is nothing impossible. See more

We have a methodology based on the aforementioned pillars to achieve the best possible positions in the search results:

  1. 1. Study and consultancy of the objective terms. We have to put ourselves in the shoes of your buyer, surely the terms your customers are looking for would surprise you.
  2. 2. Design and programming of the website or online store based on these terms avoiding penalties.
  3. 3. Generation of quality content.
  4. 4. Responsive design to optimize the web on mobile devices and improve the positioning of these devices.
  5. 5. We train you so that the contents that you enter yourself through your control panel are oriented to the positioning.
  6. 6. Fast hosting servers without falls.
  7. 7. Use of AMP in the recommended cases.
  8. 8. Registration and monitoring of the results through the Google Search Console tool.
  9. 9. Analysis of the results and improvement proposals.
Can I do something else to increase visits at the beginning?

Currently SEO is not the only way to get visitors, but one of the most important. However, SEO results will be seen in the medium / long term, especially when your website is new. Therefore, it is likely that at the beginning you need a small impulse to get visits quickly: See more

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