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Tienda de zapatos de novia y fiesta


Tienda de zapatos de novia y fiesta

Calzados Crespillo


Tienda de deporte

Urban Sport

Tienda de deporte

Tienda online de artículos de cuero y piel


Tienda online de artículos de cuero y piel
Peluquería en Córdoba

Victoria Milano Peluqueros

Peluquería en Córdoba

Estación de servicio

E.S. Moratalla

Estación de servicio

Tienda de lencería en Córdoba

Samuel Caballero

Tienda de lencería en Córdoba

A solution for every need

Today we do not consider our business without a management software: See more

  • Sale with barcode reader
  • Graphic and tactile
  • Design of customizable documents
  • Employee presence control
  • Different roles and user permissions
  • Treasury control and delivery on account
  • Cash register
  • Control of multi-stock inventory and inventories
  • Purchase management
  • Analytical statistics: reports, comparisons, yields

However, each type of trade has some needs:

  • Clothing, sports and shoe stores:
    • Management of sizes and colors
    • Multiple rates (PVP, rebates, second rebates, black friday, etc.)
    • Management of item reservations, arrangements, loans
  • Supermarkets:
    • Connection with scales or interpretation of bar codes generated by them
    • Offers and promotions (3x2, second half price, etc.)
    • Cash withdrawal notices
    • Bar codes for opening parking barriers
    • Customer loyalty
  • Perfumeries, hardware stores, paint shops, telephony, appliances, etc .:
    • Offers and promotions (gift of a product when buying another)
    • Customer loyalty
    • Control of batches and promotional packs
    • Management of vouchers and discount checks
    • Control of articles by serial number
  • Hairdressers, SPA, gyms:
    • Daily agenda of services / activities with time, duration, employee, client
    • Management of occupied / available resources
    • Sale of service bonds
I have several stores

One of the strengths of our solutions is the ease of integration of different establishments in a management software from which we can control everything in a centralized way: See more

  • Management of each establishment independently (employees, articles, fees, documents, warehouses, etc.)
  • Creation and modification of articles and prices
  • Purchasing management, warehouse transfers, balances, sales replenishment
  • Control of payments and collections
  • Consultation of reports, graphs and comparisons between establishments

And we forgot: can I see if I have the size 39 of this blue shoe in another of my stores? Yes! All the information (sales, stocks, prices) in all stores and the plant in real time.

I already have software

We obtain all the information from your old software and migrate it to our system.

I already have hardware

We will study all the equipment and peripherals that you have and we will reuse those that allow to give an optimal performance.

I want to sell online

What a few years ago was the future is already present. The online sale is increasing in such a way that in a short time it will surpass the physical purchases, therefore, being able to sell your products also on the Internet 365 days a year and 24 hours a day will suppose an extra boost to your business. See more

Our solution also includes the design and development of a Online store interconnected with your management software, so that the stock will always be square and sales controlled with the same system.

What differentiates our solution from the others

In addition to everything we have told you so far, our 10 years of experience in the implementation of management software make us have developed a working method that guarantees success: See more

  1. 1. We carry out an exhaustive extraction of requirements and needs. Each business has different characteristics and we must take them into account.
  2. 2. We configure and customize the software based on the needs extracted in the previous phase.
  3. 3. We train all users in the system with which they will work every day.

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