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Restaurante de sushi en Córdoba

Restaurante Tokyo

Restaurante de sushi en Córdoba
Cafetería Pastelería Panadería

Cafetería Pastelería Cassani

Cafetería Pastelería Panadería

Bistronómic tapas bar

Garum 2.1

Bistronómic tapas bar

Bar en La Rambla

Bar El Pilarillo

Bar en La Rambla

An integral and adaptable solution

All catering businesses have their own characteristics and peculiarities. Our software is aimed at: bars, cafes, pubs, discos, restaurants, pizzerias, fast-food, etc. It therefore covers all their needs.

Restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, bars
  • Cash control with all sales, collection and closing processes
  • Comandas in kitchen, either by ticket printing or screen
  • Control of tables, status and occupation
  • Telecomanda, order management from a handheld terminal even with remote printing
  • Delivery, identifying the customer only with the call and managing the delivery assigning the orders to the available distributors
  • Control of stock with scandals and purchase forecasts
  • Statistics and control for decision making
  • Cash control and sale in a few seconds
  • Comandas in kitchen by screen or printer
  • Order management from a handheld terminal (take away)
  • Delivery, identifying the customer only with the call and managing the delivery assigning the orders to the available distributors
  • Stock control and purchase forecasts
  • Statistics and control for decision making
Clubs, pubs
  • Control of boxes in bar and sale of products with different formats and combined
  • Wardrobe management with ticket printing for the customer and the hanger
  • Sale of tickets with or without consumption and list of guests
  • Access control with lathes
  • Stock control with doses and purchase forecasts
  • Statistics and control for decision making
Greater profitability

Our solution helps you manage, order and control your catering establishment with minimal effort, making the business more profitable: See more

  1. 1. Work optimization
    • No forgetfulness or carelessness of employees (everything that is served is charged)
    • Stock control
    • You can know what you earn and what you spend per day
    • The drawer always blocks
  2. 2. Cost reduction
    • Avoid unnecessary purchases
    • Avoid hiring temporary staff at times of greater workload and that does not provide benefit
  3. 3. Increased customer satisfaction
    • Long waits are avoided from the tables, which increases the consumption and rotation of the same
    • The customer can see in his ticket everything consumed
    • Clear accounts: confusion / misunderstandings with the client are avoided
I have several restaurants

One of the strengths of our solutions is the ease of integration of different establishments in a management software from which we can control everything in a centralized way: See more

  • Management of each establishment independently (employees, articles, fees, documents, warehouses, etc.)
  • Creation and modification of articles and prices
  • Purchasing management, sales replenishment
  • Control of payments and collections
  • Consultation of reports, graphs and comparisons between establishments
I already have software

We obtain all the information from your old software and migrate it to our system.

I already have hardware

We will study all the equipment and peripherals that you have and we will reuse those that allow to give an optimal performance.

I want to have orders online

The arrival of new technologies and the internet to society is a fact, therefore, more and more users demand to be able to order food from their mobile terminal or PC. Do not stay behind and increase your sales by incorporating an online order system fully integrated into our software, with the possibility that these orders can be automatically printed at your establishment at the time they are made.

What differentiates our solution from the others

In addition to everything we have told you so far, our 10 years of experience in the implementation of management software make us have developed a working method that guarantees success: See more

  1. 1. We carry out an exhaustive extraction of requirements and needs. Each business has different characteristics and we must take them into account.
  2. 2. We configure and customize the software based on the needs extracted in the previous phase.
  3. 3. We train all users in the system with which they will work every day.

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