Inbound Marketing

Do not chase your clients, make them chase you

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Client states
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The traditional marketing is to pursue what you think are your potential customers without they have shown interest in you. You interrupt them and usually are not usually interested in what you offer them, so the conversion cost is quite high.

¡¡I'm here!!

In contrast to being a methodology, inbound marketing tries to offer its potential customers added value. Information of quality and contents that contribute value so that the client is the one who initiates the conversation to work with us.

Automate and customize

To travel from people who do not know us and who we do not know to customers who also recommend our services, the new technologies make available a large number of tools to automate and customize each of the actions we undertake.

Inbound marketing
Traditional Marketing VS Inbound marketing
Who starts the conversation
The company (interrupting the client)
The client, by showing interest in the services offered by the company
What means do we use to issue our messages
Traditionals: press, radio, television, mail, etc.
Digitals: social networks, blogs, websites, search engines, etc.
To whom do we direct our messages
To the general public, without great possibilities of directing a target audience
To people who have shown interest in us or potentially interested profiles (with great segmentation possibilities)
What methodology do we follow
We seek to sell at all costs, without worrying about the needs of the client
We seek to inform the client and add value so that he / she perceives us as experts in the field, so that if he eventually decides to acquire services that we offer he does it with our team
On what depends the success of the campaigns
To a large extent, from the budget invested
Especially of the creativity of the campaigns
How the relationship with the public goes
It is unidirectional, the company speaks and the potential client listens
It is bidirectional, both the company and the potential client speak, so the company can learn from the feedback received
How results are measured
Due to the condition of the means used, it is difficult to measure the results
It is very easy to measure the results of each of the actions undertaken, so we can refine our methods with the results obtained to gain efficiency and profitability

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