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Security and flexibility

Cashdro is an intelligent cash drawer that manages cash points of sale (POS). Accept and validate banknotes and coins and return the change. See more

There are different types of CashDro to suit the needs of each type of establishment.

It is linked to any management software regardless of the operating system you use (Windows, Android, Mac). There are integrations already made with most of the POS software of the market, however, if your software is not among them we will contact the manufacturer and we will give instructions for the integration of the same.

Official SAT

We are the Official SAT of CashDro with all the advantages that this entails, that is, SWAP support, maintenance of the devices, guarantees, etc.

  • Undamaged and instantaneous case closing (counting of coins and bills is avoided)
  • Reject false banknotes
  • Acts as a safe, cash is always safe
  • There are no errors of change
  • There are no unknown losses of cash
  • Link with any software on the market
Link to any software on the market!
Comparison between CashDro’s
CashDro2 CashDro3 CashDro5
Accepts, validates and dispenses coins from 2ct to 2 € yes yes yes
Hopper for quick loading of coins yes yes yes
Coin recycler capacity 1.500 1.500 1.500
Currency validation speed 4 coins/s 4 coins/s 4 coins/s
Speed ​​coin dispensing 12 coins/s 12 coins/s 12 coins/s
Coin recycler capacity No 1500 coins 1500 coins
Accepts, validates and dispenses € 5 to € 500 tickets yes yes yes
Loading and validating bills yes yes yes
Speed ​​bills validation 6 s/bill 3 s/bill 2 s/bill
Bills return Sequential Sequential In bundles
Bill recycler capacity 70 200 300
Number of recyclers 1 2 3
Bill cassette capacity 1.000 1.000 1.000
Rejects fake bill and coins yes yes yes
Escrow: Return of the same bills when canceling No No yes
CPU no yes yes
LCD sreen of 8.4" yes No No
Touch screen of 7" No yes yes
Connection USB Ethernet Ethernet
Electronic closure with delayed opening No Optional Optional
Anti-lever system No yes yes
Counter anchoring system yes yes yes
Dimensions without screens (width x height x depth) 33 x 53 x 47 cm 37 x 73,8 x 39,5 cm 42 x 80 x 49 cm
Weight 41 kg 67 kg 88 kg
Coin recycler capacity 2 mm 3 mm 4 mm

Work with one or several POS terminals, tablets or smartphones and easily link it with your Point of Sale Software and any platform

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